bagtionary for BAGISTA!

Bag – that which a girl can not live without; short for handbag; almost as essential as oxygen

Bag-a-licious – a handbag so hot it could only be called bag-a-licious; the combination of bag and delicious, because some bags are so good, they look delicious

Bagista – one who works at or is a loyal member of

Bagtionary™ – a bible for any bag lover; a dictionary with only bag terms

BagTrends – a company devoted to all things things, where real bagistas get their bag-a-licious fix. The BagTrends family includes, our online magazine, our fabulous e-shop , our signature BagTrends Arm Candy Party, our bagista t-shirts , and more!

Barrel bag – a bag shaped like a wooden log with a zipper closing and handles attached to the sides

Chanel 2.55 – made of quilted leather, this classic shoulder bag was designed by French couturiere Gabrielle Chanel in 1955. The distinct interlocking gold c’s and chain strap ooze class and sophistication.

Clutch – a bag that doesn’t have a handle and is held in the arm or clutched under the arm; typically worn in the evening, though lately it has been making appearances on the arms of chic starlets during the day hours

Doctor’s bag – a large bag with two handles that is shaped like a physicians bag. A great style for work.

Duffle bag – canvas bag with drawstring top that’s great for traveling because of its many compartments both inside and out.

Fanny pack – a pouch-like monstrosity that’s worn around the waist. Avoid at all cost unless you are 7-years-old!

Grommets – a reinforced eyelet through which something may pass. Often used to pitch a tent, but much more practical to use as a fashion embellishment

Handbag – a word that sounds like sweet music to our ears. The handbag has been around for centuries. However, it gained fame and became an accessory must in the roaring twenties thanks to stylish flapper girls.

Kelly bag – the Hermes bag, made famous by Grace Kelly in the 1950’s and then named after her. It has a rectangular shape and comes in a variety of colors and textures, though us girls at love the crocodile Kelly in chocolate. Some day, we hope to pool all our money and purchase a bag for community use.

Louis Vuitton Speedy – The doctor’s bag with the LV monogram pattern was created in 1959, though the shape itself was introduced in 1933. Always a classic, the Speedy can be seen on the arms of many starlets and chic women around town.

Manbag – a bag for men that usually comes with a shoulder strap or a wrist strap. The style gained popularity in the early 1970s.

Marc Jacobs – the king of handbags. Between his own lines, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, and his work at Louis Vuitton, Mr. Jacobs deserves a round of applause from all bagaholics. So we dedicate this spot on our bagtionary to him, the man who makes us save a months salary for a little piece of heaven.

Messenger Bag – A large bag with an envelope compartment that closes with a snap and has a flap over the front that clasps with a buckle. It’s very comfortable and is surfacing as a big trend for Spring/Summer 2006.

Purse – another name for our favorite word, bag

Saddle bag – pair of soft leather bags joined to central strap handle

Safari bag / caravan bag – a double handled bag with a zippered closing and numerous pockets on the front and side

Satchel – a leather bag with a structured bottom and sides that slop upward. The handles tend to be rigid. These days, many bagaholics accessorize their satchels with of-the-minute charms.

Shoulder Bag – a large handbag that can be carried by a strap looped over the shoulder

Tote/Carryall – a large, utilitarian bag that can carry all your “in the bag” goodies; usually has inner zippers and two handles for easy carrying

Umbrella tote – a tote with a side pocket for an umbrella.

Wristlet – a clutch shaped bag that comes with an attached leather, bracelet-looking strap allowing you to hold your bag and dance freely.


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