Mayutoro, haha!

Mayutoro is a free app for iPhone 🙂
download with no reason why.
just because Mayutoro’s face is silly and absurd (heehe.. sorry)


this is theme song of Mayutoro :

Since I was a boy my only friend has been a pink starfish
All alone in the sea I push my way though the seaweed
My girlfriend is a sandwich that was quite a shock to me
I’m searching for her in the store
hey, is this really he life for me?
Pah! I should stop thinking.
I’m only a fish

My Favorite part :
Episode B, The Caption is “FRIENDS”
Yasuo – A famous Kabuki Starfish (hehe!) ask Mayutoro to buy some donuts and milk for him.
Mayutoro : I don’t have any cash…
“Bet you do! Go on!” Yasuo retorted
And then Yasuo inquire into Mayutoro’s money with funnies way

“JUMP!” Yasuo said.
As Mayutoro jumped, Yasuo heard a sounds of the coins in his pocket 🙂

Guys, look at Mayutoro’s expression! LOL


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