Icha’s 2009 Wishlist

1. Hairdryer (with ion protector)
2. New Car.. (bye2 neng siti…)
3. Boots!
4. New Chair or Sofa in my room
5. Walking Closet
6. An Apartment πŸ™‚ hahahaha
7. Ipod Shuffle
8. ModBook (hahahahaha…!)
9. Book : Walk to Remember
10. PHP, ASP, AJAX Certificate (sounds imposibble)
11. Full set of manicure and pedicure tools
12. Original version Breakfast at Tiffani’s
13. Cute umbrella from mango *0*
14. New Condom for iPhone
15. New CDMA (i hate nokia)
16. Vintage accecories from Kalimantan
17. A pinky bathtub

welcome to the world WITHout allergic
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