UCE Magazine

UCE Magazine is a 100% digital “next-generation” magazine dedicated to Fashion, Design and Culture.

Providing content that rivals that of high-end print magazines: cinematic narrative-driven fashion editorials and in-depth articles in fashion & beauty, design and culture lace the pages of each issue. View feature articles and spreads from creative inspiration from around the globe. In UCE Magazine’s interactive environment, original photography, embedded sound and video for story depth makes each flip a richer experience.

UCE Magazine connects with a young, well-educated, affluent audience that is abandoning traditional media. Our readers will click through the UCE Magazine environment recognizing all the brands they love and discovering new brands soon to be adored. UCE Magazine connects our techno-savvy reader to an immediate marketplace allowing readers the ability to purchase any featured or advertised product in a global marketplace with ONE CLICK.

Read.Watch.Listen.and Explore.



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