Macworld ’09

hey, i’m watching with iEyes 🙂 Dad.. i want #iLife ’09
twistori MacWorld San Francicso 2009
MacRumors hacked
apple update = insert coin! RT @idontknow, just ROFL
i need pages, export to html 🙂 hehe.. –> guys.. where are you?? tweets please.. 😦
$169 x Rp 12.000 = Rp 20.280.000 *tears*
oh hello, MobileMe please… my account avalaible untill September anyway
how bout “not available in your country” .hihihi..
@kuswanto bung.. anda gelar tiker disebelah mana?? #layartancep
@deon 17” MacBook Pro. serius amat yon ngeliatnya 🙂
@JesseNewhart oh hiii! –> feel nothing with old macbook 😦
EPEAT Gold: Product meets all required criteria plus at least 75% of the optional criteria that apply to the product type being registered
The Best is Yet to Come.. save for my last tweet *for today* go bed waveeeeeeeesssss..
@deon ohy? hahhahha!! ok, 20.280.000 for me plus 9 friends. LOL. ONLY Rp.2.028.000 🙂 nite @deon.. bye2.
@deon dont forget sour sally+almond+mochi for me tomorrow!!! *0* haiyahhhh…!
KFC Cruelty
@aulia iyeee salah ngitung… ngitung dr dashboard 🙂 *kan udah diralat 20jt buat 10 org *0*
10 resons not to eat pigs 🙂 hihi..…
wawwwww.. Super Chick Sisters {PC/Mac} http://www.kentuckyfriedcru… cuuteee *0*
i wont be a nugget. *envy* -> Pamela Anderson #superchicksisters

watching with iEyes
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

twistori MacWorld San Francicso 2009
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!


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