Things in My Wallets

My old business card (D’Junction Shop Distro)
receipt from LABA, repaired my drawstring bag
receipt from Senopati Skin Care
La Senza coupons
Donor card
2 SIM cards (exp)
3 Debit cards
2 “Moo” mini cards
Binusian card
2 Binusian subject cards
Provisional driving licenses ( A and C)
KTP Tangerang >.Hansaplast SilverCare
8 Business cards ( not put them into my business card holder yet)
Medical and Treatment Cards :
Rudy and Brown Salon discount card
Senopati Skin Center
Siloam Hospital
Global Medika Hospital
Esthetic Melrose
Nathasya Skin Care
Lutuye Salon Fushia Card
Shopping Cards :
Stroberi VIP Card (LOL)
Surfer Girl
The Body Shop
RIMO (hahaha! since 04/04)
Point Break
City Fly
(lost my wallet a year ago *at Mangga Dua!
in fact, I’m 100% not a shopaholic and branded girl –girl?–)
Other (foolish) Cards:
Ria Juice *0*
Natama Motor Car Wash
La Diva Salon & Beauty Clinic
New Physical, Fitness and Aerobic Studio (near my campus)


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