Holly For Her 1st Star

I saw an episode of Lakeland Bear Family that I cant (ever) forget at Space Toon about a year ago.
Well, Thats the six bears were Rowan Berridale (with little pet dinosaur), his sister Holly (with tiny teddy), Logan Berridale (with skis), Grandma Pearl (with her knitting), Bramble Oakwood (with walking stick) and Padlock Homes the indomitable detective (with magnifying glass).
In that episode, Holly had a wish.. She said to the sky in a night.. She believe that 1st star can be a key for your gift / wish.. She prayed to her 1st star
“bintang yang berkilau
 bintang yang cemerlang
 bintang pertama yang kulihat malam ini
 kumohon aku bisa
 kumohon aku dapat
 memperoleh apa yang kumohon hari ini”
I had a good think about my motivation on this life.. i just stopped.
nothing to do.. quit.bored.lake.
..may I’m going to be good to myself.. I wish i’ll got my own wish like her soon..
and be the real one.


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