SMP 1 Tangerang

ICHA welcome feedback from you (All of 2002 alumnus) And for database needs, you can leave your bio here as a comment or send me an e-mail to fill in the msg with your name, phone, college, office, jobs, link, etc. i’ll try to updating the news for you, mailing list, social network or another like that continously. keep contact guys! thx a lot. .icha.


Facebook Group for all member of SMP 1 Tangerang Gusti Muhammad Yusuf as creator
Facebook Group : SMP 1 Tangerang – 2002 Bayu Partha Arta as creator
Mailing List, Database, and other to Yahoo Group : smp1tangerang2002
Flickr Photos – Last Reunion, about 275 items : Flickr Group – SMP 1 Tangerang | 2002


  1. no rek BCA 084-130-9391 a/n Nor Afiah…
    email, epes, fesbuk :
    ym :
    msn :

  2. Cha,,,byk yg ty “ada dresKod’y apa…?”

  3. Cha….NnTi kT di SaNa dPt mKn g..??
    dPt minum ga..??
    dpT hidangan PnTp ga..??
    DpT SnaCk ga..??

    TuKaNg MaKan BgT gw Yach..!!!

  4. hemm…lucu adve nya


    bndahara umumnya lo ya????

    oh y, reg gw …BNI 0079552553


  5. kmrn pan da gw smsn…???

    ko ga di cantum???

    tp gpp c…

    c u.. (^.^)”

  6. mpe jam brp acara na?? hua…

  7. chaaaa.. ga ad dress code nyaaa kan??

    rundown acaranya ngapain ajah??

  8. ga pake dress code ko..
    jam 4 sd 8an kayanya boo..

    datang aja dah pokonyaa..

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